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People working under the CLASSiC project

Heriot Watt University

About the Interaction Lab



Oliver Lemon (Project Coordinator and WP4 leader)

Helen Hastie

Paul Crook

The University of Edinburgh

 About the group at University of Edinburgh

Verena Rieser 

Johanna Moore

Srini Janarthanam (PhD student, associated)



Ecole Superieure d'Electricite -Supelec
Ecole Superieure d' Electricite - Supelec

About the group at Supelec

Olivier Pietquin (WP3 leader)

Stéphane Rossignol

Hervé Frezza-Buet


Cambridge University

About the group at University of Cambridge

Steve Young  (WP1 leader)

Simon Keizer

Kai Yu

Francois Mairesse

Filip Jurcicek (associated)

Milica Gasic (PhD student, associated)

Blaise Thomson (PhD student, associated)



Universite de Geneve

University of Geneva

About the group at University of Geneva

Jamie Henderson

Paola Merlo

Lonneke VanDerPlas

France Telecom - Orange Labs

About the group at France Telecom - Orange Labs

Philippe Bretier (WP5 leader, WP6 leader)

Cedric Boidin

Romain Laroche

Carole Manquillet

Thierry Moudenc

Ghislain Putois

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