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Journal publications in 2011

The CLASSiC project publishes 10 journal papers in 2011

The CLASSiC project will publish the following journal papers in 2011: 

  1. Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon. "Learning and Evaluation of Dialogue Strategies for new Applications: Empirical Methods for Optimization from Small Data Sets".  Computational Linguistics, 37(1): 153–196, 2011.
  2.  Oliver Lemon, "Learning what to say and how to say it: joint  optimization of spoken dialogue management and Natural Language Generation", Computer Speech and Language, 25(2), 210-221, 2011
  3. Kai Yu and Heiga Zen and Francois Mairesse and S. Young. "Context adaptive training with factorized decision trees for HMM-based statistical parametric speech synthesis", 2011, Speech Communication, accepted.
  4. F. Jurcicek and B. Thomson and S. Young. "Natural Actor and Belief Critic: Reinforcement algorithm for learning parameters of dialogue systems modelled as POMDPs", 2011, ACM TSLP Special issue: Machine Learning for Robust and Adaptive Spoken Dialogue Systems, to appear.
  5. K. Yu and S. Young. "Continuous F0 Modelling for HMM based Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis", 2011, IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech and Language Processing, to appear.
  6.    S. Young. "Cognitive User Interfaces", 2011, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 27(3): 128-140
  7.      Pietquin, O. and Hastie, H. "A survey on metrics for the evaluation of user simulations". The Knowledge Engineering Review, Cambridge University Press (to appear).
  8.      Milica Gasic and Steve Young. “Effective Handling of Dialogue State in the Hidden Information State POMDP Dialogue Manager”, ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing, to appear 2011
  9.      O. Lemon and  O. Pietquin  "Machine Learning for Adaptivity in Spoken Dialogue Systems"  (Editorial), Special Issue of ACM Transactions in Speech and Language Processing,  2011 to appear
  10. O. PIETQUIN, M. GEIST, S. CHANDRAMOHAN, H. FREZZA-BUET, "Sample-Efficient Batch Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Management Optimization". In ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing, accepted for publication, 2011

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