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The final project deliverables (2011) are now available (see below).

Project corpora are also available at the Annotated Data Archive.

Month 6

  •   Initial communication architecture, protocols, and module interfaces:  D5.1.1 (report, restricted)

Month 12

  • Adaptive automata-based DM component, first prototype:  D1.1.2 (prototype, restricted)
  • Re-ranking alternative inputs to the speech synthesizer, Self-Help system:  D4.1 (prototype, confidential)
  • Initial CLASSIC “TownInfo” system (“System 1”) :  D5.2.1 (prototype, restricted)
  • Initial France Telecom industrial plat form adapted to CLASSIC architecture (“System 3”): D5.3.1 (prototype, restricted)

Month 15

  • M13 Initial evaluation of CLASSIC TownInfo and Self-Help systems:  D6.3 (report, restricted)

Month 18

Month 21

Month 24

Month 27

Month 30

Month 33

 Month 36

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